8 Tips to Engage Participants at Your Zoom or Video Sales Calls

8 Tips to Engage Participants at Your Zoom or Video Sales Calls
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A video sale call engages prospects, nurtures leads, drives deals, and maintains relationships. Here's how to engage participants.

Decades ago, a salesperson would have to show up in person to pitch a product or service to their prospects. Later, the focus shifted to audio platforms where sales teams would call up customers and give them a demo. However, those times are long gone. Today, things are much easier, and almost everything is happening virtually. Video conferencing is the new normal. Video sales calls provide the benefits of a physical meeting while also being cost-efficient, flexible, and scalable. Despite many differences with an in-person meeting, a video sale call still engages prospects, nurtures leads, drives deals, and maintains relationships. But to achieve that, it must be a carefully orchestrated experience. It is easy to lose your audience's attention due to the lack of physical connection and control.

This article gives you eight tips to engage participants at your zoom or video sales calls.

1. Keep Video on Always for Video Sales Calls

Ensure the video remains on during the sales call. Since you want to establish a connection with the audience, get them to understand, and be on board with your message, you must show your face and demonstrate your engagement.

For the best experience, consider upgrading to a Logitech camera. Unlike other web cameras that give small viewing areas or poor quality, the Logitech cam has a wider angle lens that ensures high-quality video.

Ensure you also watch your light to ensure it shines on you and not from behind. You don't want to look like a grayed-out shell that appears on LinkedIn and Facebook when you don't upload a profile photo.

2. Have a Great Audio Source  

But while you work on video quality, note that audibility is equally important. Invest in a quality mic that doesn't make you sound echoey. A mic that clips on your cloth or that can plug into the computer would be ideal. You don't want the sound to disappear as you turn your head slightly right or left. A great audio source such as Yeti Mic will serve the purpose.

A video sales call is a two-way interaction. You also want to hear from the other side. Airpods are excellent in providing you with an unmatched listening experience.  Paying attention to the audio ultimately level -up the quality of your video sales calls.

3. Give Context and Confirm

When making a video sales call, you need to create an atmosphere that makes everyone feel part of the activity. Therefore, start by recognizing new participants and welcoming them on board. It would be so cold and a turn-off when you move directly to the call's agenda.

After that, provide a recap of the previous sales calls while you confirm nothing was missed. It is an effective way to ensure everyone remembers the action items and crucial points you discussed. This also summarizes the essential details for new participants or those who didn't avail for the sales call.

4. Use Dynamic Content

Dynamic content can move in numerous directions as you may want it. It is characterized by constant activity, change, or progress. Think of a normal presentation where you move through slides from left to right. Such a presentation is linear. A dynamic presentation would involve jumping around the place going through different sections as you demonstrate to the audience.

For that to happen, you need dynamic content, which includes using various slides, videos, browser/ URLs, and interactive things such as Demoflow’s dynamic presentations. With slides, a varying concept in terms of the style is ideal to avoid visual monotone, which disengages your audience. Besides, change the slides more frequently. Dynamic content makes it easier to digest information.

For example, videos help explain a point more clearly and provide background information on the subject. Besides, Zoom has tools such as Demoflow to make your vides sales calls feel more like real life. It is great for illustrating concepts where it allows you to pivot your presentation strategy on the fly.

5. Prepare for Anything on a Video Sales Call

Even after preparing thoroughly for the video sales call and stating your case logically, you'll likely have one person or two ask a question or even object to something. Therefore, you must learn how to overcome objections and be prepared to address any question.

Preparation is key, and it allows you to anticipate possible questions or objections. It helps you find presentation materials for support in case of such situations.

6. Your Turn Only Lasts 76 Seconds

Let's now get into the sales demo, the most focal moment in the sales process. At this point, you have done a robust discovery call with your prospect since what you talked about then determines how your sales will demo flow. The demo will involve an effective demonstration of a product or service to a prospect.

Top performing salespeople chronologically switch between conversation topics to provide a smooth feel to the overall demo. In the qualification stage, they talk about the budget, authority, need, and time. After that, they jump into features and close with a follow-up stage that involves pricing and next steps.

However, successful single demos have a particular talk-to-listen ratio. The sales rep dominates the talk but allows the customer to chime in, thus frequent start and stop. An analysis found that no successful demo involved over 76 seconds of interrupted pitching. Therefore, ensure your sales demo does not go past that time.

7. Summarize and Set

Ensure you leave nothing untouched as you conclude the video sales call. It is time to review any notes and answer any pending questions. Ensure you know what could be in the prospect's mind and let them know the best options forward. Clearly outline the next steps and choose a time to follow up as you wrap up the virtual sales call.

8. Tell a Story

Storytelling is an effective tool to ensure successful interaction. In fact, a sales call without a story is incomplete. Stories allow the listener to visualize information and relate to it on a different level. Besides, storytelling is an instant engagement that draws the attention of the listener even more. 

Improve Your Buyer-Seller Experience With Video Sales Calls!

If you want to have video sales calls that ease buying and fulfill your customer desires, you must enable and empower your reps with the right tools. Demoflow helps foster an engaging video sale call experience and keeps your team ready from start to finish. Reach out to us today or feel free to start a trial

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