Need To Demo Your Mobile App? Here's How To Do It

Need To Demo Your Mobile App? Here's How To Do It
Larson Stair
Use Zoom's mobile application to share your app in real time during a demo

Demoing your mobile app in real time is always a daunting experience and almost everyone agrees their mobile app is crucial to their demo experience and WOW'ing prospects.

While these instructions are specifically for Zoom, the instructions apply to most other video conferencing applications that also have mobile applications. Instructions for other applications are included below!

Overarching Steps:

  1. Download Zoom onto you mobile device
  2. Start your Zoom call normally from your computer
  3. Join the Zoom call from your mobile device
  4. Share your mobile device

Download the Zoom mobile app

The mobile Zoom application will enable you to share your mobile device screen into a zoom call. If you haven't downloaded the mobile app you can do so here:



Start your Zoom call normally

This is very straight forward. Start the Zoom call through your computer as you normally would.

Join the Zoom call from your mobile app

The easiest way to do this is to simply join the Zoom call via your calendar application if a calendar invite has already been created. Otherwise you can type in the meetin Once you join the Zoom call from your mobile application, you will have 2 users on the call that are both you.

Once you're here, everything else will take place in your mobile device.

Share Your mobile device

From the mobile device, you'll select the option to share your screen. From the Zoom mobile app, Click Share Content and then Screen.

Then Start Broadcast and wait 3 seconds. Once the broadcast starts, you'll see the top bar turn red and will see your screen shared on your computer.

From there you could can go to your home screen and then select any application that you want to present.

As a best practice, remember to turn "DO NOT DISTURB" on prior to your demo as well!

For more detailed instruction of troubleshooting:

If you are having any issues with setting up or sharing your mobile app from your phone, you can visit: for more info

Other Platforms:

Zoom for Android: Sharing your screen content or second screen

Google Meet: How to share your iPhone, iPad, Android, or tablet screen with google meet

Webex: Share your screen or application in a Cisco Webex Team Meeting

Microsoft Teams: Join a call or meeting with Microsoft Teams mobile app

Skype: Share your screen via mobile

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