Introducing Demoflow for Zoom Apps, The New Way to Sell in Zoom

Introducing Demoflow for Zoom Apps, The New Way to Sell in Zoom
Larson Stair
With the Demoflow Zoom app, you can launch your sales presentations, collaboratively sell, take detailed meeting notes, create tasks and next steps, and update your CRM all from the side panel inside your Zoom call.

We are excited to announce a new tech integration partnership with Zoom that enables users to launch Demoflow directly from the Zoom desktop app! It’s an honor to be selected as one of the first Zoom integrations to deliver an embedded experience within Zoom Meetings and we couldn’t be more proud of this accomplishment.  

Throughout the entire sales process, Demoflow users will now be able to deliver a smoother meeting experience — from the first moment a demo begins, through the closing of a deal, to customer onboarding and beyond. It introduces more efficient and effective meeting workflows and allows users to streamline processes before, during and after a meeting to enhance productivity. 

Just check out what a few people have to say about the integration...

“From the moment that a prospect first connects with a seller, it’s imperative that their experience is one that makes them want to take the next step in the sales cycle. Given the remote world we live in today, this all begins when they log into Zoom. Because Demoflow lives at the cross section where buyer enablement meets sales enablement, this partnership will help us to continue to build out our platform to allow teams to collaborate more efficiently, deliver powerful remote demos, and shorten sales cycles."
- Larson Stair
Co-founder and CEO of Demoflow

“We are excited to work with Tech Integration Partners like Demoflow who truly understand the value of using Zoom to create a better meeting experience. Demoflow has created real differentiation in the market by addressing the needs of both buyer and seller with their buyer enablement platform that sits on top of Zoom."
-Ross Mayfield
Product Lead, Product Lead, Zoom Apps & Integration, Zoom

The Demoflow in-product Zoom App is now available in the Zoom App Marketplace so please go download it and check it out today!

You can also let us know what you think by reaching out to us at sales@demoflow.io

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