How to Have the Perfect Sales Meeting in Our Remote World

How to Have the Perfect Sales Meeting in Our Remote World
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With the right setup, you can have a perfect product demo meeting. Here's how to have the perfect sales meeting in a remote world.

During an in-person product demonstration, there is a lot of flexibility that has historically been clunky and cumbersome when moved to an online venue. That is because remote presentations can be glitchy and might rely on computer expertise and software or hardware that your audience doesn't have. These are unalterable variables if you are using outdated or dysfunctional demo software. With the right setup, you can have a perfect product demo meeting that will surpass any in-person demos of the past. 

Types of Remote Meetings

There are many types of remote meetings, but most can be categorized by three umbrella terms that can be used to generalize remote meeting features. 


Teleconferencing is the most basic of remote meeting types, as it only uses audio to communicate. Generally, multiple people can sign in to the meeting with a code to join the call. Although there may be one host of the meeting, others can join in if that feature is enabled. Teleconferences are lacking in their function for a product demo because the viewer cannot see the product or the presenter. 

Video Conference

Video conferencing is a lot like teleconferencing only in includes the use of video, which means viewers can see the expression on the speaker's face, which means they can better read non-verbal communication. An advantage of video conferencing, especially for a product demo meeting, is that people can still use smartphones and access both video and audio. The biggest disadvantage is that video conferencing heavily relies on the available hardware and internet connection of the user. 


A webcast includes one-way communication broadcasted to the audience via the web. It contains audio and video, but the audience cannot interact with the viewer. The audience is limited by their own hardware and an internet connection, but webcasts are sometimes made available for replay if people are unable to watch the live showing. 

Web Conference

A web conference is generally the most flexible remote meeting because it offers the ability to share audio, video, and content. This means you can have your slide presentation AND answer questions from the audience. Depending on your definition of the word, you might include webinars in this category. Access to the microphone and content contribution can be limited to certain attendees. Cloud-based web conferencing uses a remote server and removes most hardware and software incompatibilities for the audience. 

Increasing Importance of Remote Meetings 

Remote meetings, such as teleconferences, have been going on for decades. They have many benefits, but they are getting increasingly important. Of course, social distancing is one prevalent reason for hosting a remote product demo, but the truth is, having the ability to do a remote presentation was gaining popularity before the pandemic. The appeal of remote work has not been lost on the consumer. Look at big, online retailers. Their popularity is undeniable. The truth is, people like to be able to do stuff from their couch!

Sofa shopping isn't the only benefit of remote messaging opportunities. Another huge benefit is flexibility. With the ability to join a product demo with your smart device, audiences are able to join your product demonstration from anywhere they have an internet connection. This eliminates the usual excuses, such as the prospect being out of town. Depending on your software, your audience can join in even if they are on the other side of the planet. 

No matter what benefit you reference, remote meetings are increasing access to the consumer. This is a recipe for success when it comes to showing off your product or service. 

Software Tools for a Product Demo Meeting

Each demo software program available uses different terms for its features and tools. Essentially, what you are looking for in software is everything that makes a multimedia presentation more dynamic, interactive, and accessible. These tools might include: 

  • Animated video
  • Video editing
  • Slide creation
  • Screen sharing
  • Quality audio recording
  • CRM tools
  • Screen recording
  • Chat feature
  • Integration capabilities
  • Lastly, cloud-based

There are countless features available in product demo software, and a good product will be able to provide solutions to any unique needs. 

Necessary Hardware for Remote Product Demo

Good software will ensure that your audience doesn't need very much necessary hardware to view and interact with your product demo meeting, but a good demonstration will use quality hardware to create the highest quality presentation. This includes: 

  • High-resolution camera
  • Lightweight, noise-canceling headset
  • High-quality speakers
  • High-resolution screen
  • Document scanner
  • High-speed internet connection, router, etc. 

The hardware you need varies depending on the media used, but it needs to be quality. The quality of the hardware is much more important for the product demonstrator than the audience. 

Best Practices for a Product Demo Meeting

Finally, it is important to plan your remote product demonstration much like you would an in-person event. Keep in mind that your goal is still the same, but converting prospects who aren't in the same room is a little different. Here are some best practices. 

  • Don't let the fact that your product demo is remote eliminate discovery. Allow for questions, set up follow-up appointments, and offer as much information about your company as possible. 
  • Enable collaborative browsing for your software product. Anything that allows your audience to interact with your product or service, indeed, builds value and trust. 
  • Use cloud-based software designed for product demonstration. A program used to present products includes essential software features.
  • Keep to your schedule. Save most of the discussion for individual follow-ups. Then, schedule these as soon as possible following the presentation. 
  • Focus on solutions. The details of the product or service can be figured out in discovery, but you need to show your prospects what problems you can solve for them. This is why they are interested in your product. The solutions garner interest. The details of how that occurs will follow. 
  • Practice! Rehearse your presentation with a colleague. Then, do a live practice demo to iron out any technical difficulties. Don't let your product demonstration become the victim of being unprepared. 

The Remote Sales World is Here to Stay for Your Product Demo Meeting

The world of remote meetings gives people one of the things they want most. In fact, it might be time, freedom, or convenience. With current product demonstration software products, meetings are no longer filled with tech mishaps. They can actually exceed what you get with in-person meetings because you can access your client on their terms. 

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