The Complete Sales Enablement Stack

The Complete Sales Enablement Stack
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There are several choices out there for sales enablement tools, so the Demoflow team took the time to put together the complete sales enablement toolkit for growing teams.

At this point every industry is aware of the growing number of software companies that are revolutionizing the way we work and scale a business. There’s a suite of products to support every department, and now specific functions within a department. One growing function is the ‘sales enablement’ unit within revenue teams which is designed to optimize how we sell, upsell, and retain customers.

Since there are several choices out there for sales enablement tools, our team took the time to put together the complete sales enablement toolkit for growing teams.

Sales Onboarding and Training


Sales training and onboarding software helps newly hired sales teams learn their organization’s processes and gradually improve their unique selling strategies. When a salesperson is brought on board, managers can provide access to training and onboarding software with a customized learning path based on unique assessments. These tools are primarily used across sales departments and administered by sales managers—for continuous learning among established representatives in addition to the initiation efforts of new hires.

Lessonly is our choice because of their simple interface and other features such as easy-to-use lesson creation and coaching functionality to give feedback at scale.

Data Sources


Sales intelligence software helps companies use internal and external data to increase sales and improve sales processes. Companies use sales intelligence software to improve the quality and quantity of sales leads by using data to find new opportunities and provide salespeople with the information they need to take advantage of them.

Seamless.AI is our choice because of their real-time people search engine to build any list of decision makers for your sales team to target.

Prospecting/Lead Intelligence

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Lead intelligence software provides companies with cleaned and verified lead information that helps either ensure that a company’s own lead data is valid or enriches the data. Since most business contact information is private this software can be a good option for sales teams to validate lead data or ensure they have the best data possible for their campaigns.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is our choice because of their premium tool designed to help sales reps tap into LinkedIn’s extensive network with features such as InMails and advanced company search capabilities.

Email Prospecting


Email prospecting software streamlines the sales process through integrations with sales communication channels and tools, management of sales messaging and materials, and automation of tasks, messages and workflows. This software enables companies to combine their sales and marketing efforts to create personalized and automated sales journeys; these can include emails, calls, social posts, meetings, and text messages.

Outreach is our choice because of their approachable templates, sequence dashboards, and lead qualification system.

Scheduling and Appointment Setting

Chili Piper

Online appointment scheduling software provides customers with a portal to book an appointment online, and enables businesses to track and manage those appointments. This software enables businesses to schedule appointments, view calendars, print schedules and forms, customize schedules, and enforce scheduling rules.

Chili Piper is our choice because of how quickly teams can qualify, route, and schedule inbound leads with one-click meetings via their ‘Instant Booker’.

Live Engagement

Live chat software allows companies to communicate with their website visitors in real time via chat windows. Sales teams can utilize live chat software to provide support to users who have questions regarding products or website navigation. They can prompt user interaction with pop-up chat boxes or wait for visitors to proactively reach out with questions or concerns. Some features include reporting and analytics, interactive chat notifications, and conversation archiving.

Intercom is our choice because of their user interface for sales teams and the ability to create personalized, messenger-based experiences across the entire customer journey to move people down the funnel.


Zoom Video

Screensharing software enables online communication for audio meetings, video meetings, and seminars to be used for sales teams with prospects. These applications are implemented to enable long-distance or international communication, enhance collaboration, and reduce travel costs to increase meetings in a growing remote world.

Zoom is our choice because of its universal approach to easy video conferencing and content sharing for sales teams in a growing remote world.


CRM software is most commonly implemented in sales departments to act as the central hub for sales force automation, including contact, account, and opportunity management. CRM software is often delivered separately from other enterprise solutions but is often integrated with other applications to create a coordinated customer journey.

Salesforce is our choice because of their wide range of sales tool integrations and deep reporting capabilities for growing teams.

Live Selling

Live selling software brings scattered sales processes into one streamlined tool. They take all of the work out of running demos so that reps can focus on what they do best, selling. During the presentation, reps can effectively drive the sales process using integrated notes and can even pivot the demo on-the-fly to cater to conversation tangents. After the demo, follow-up emails can be generated quickly with a customized demo summary. Everything is synced back to the CRM with the result is a scalable sales process that reps and leaders love.

Demoflow is our choice because we are quite proud of the space we are pioneering!

Call Analytics

Call analytics platforms record, transcribe, and analyze sales calls. Through analyzing sales calls, the software can identify keywords and topics of conversation so users can quickly jump to those points in the recorded sales calls and further analyze valuable insights. This software can be used by businesses to take notes on key conversations with potential buyers, identify risky or noncompliant topics of conversation, coach new sales representatives on best practices, and any other use cases that can be used from the analysis and transcription of sales calls. is our choice because of the platform’s ability to serve all revenue teams looking to track real metrics from Sales and Customer conversations.

Sales Data Visualization


Data Visualization tools allow users to build dashboards to track company goals and metrics in real time. By understanding where a sales team sits with certain company goals and KPIs, they can make efforts in specific areas to achieve said goals. These solutions allow for multiple KPI dashboards, so each team can set up visualizations for their own goals. These tools can consume data from a variety of sources, such as databases and CRMs.

Looker is our choice because of its ability to quickly break down data silos and integrate sales data across sources into a single view for revenue teams to make confident decisions.

Incentives & Commissions


Commission management software allows companies to easily and quickly calculate sales commissions and gain insights from data to support evidence-based decision making on future structure. Users of this platform reduce admin time and eliminate commission errors for a more confident, appreciated sales team.

Spiff is our choice because they have turned commissions into a transparent, engaging activity rather than a historical headache it has been for teams.

Quote & Proposal


Quote and proposal software is designed to streamline and automate the proposal and request for proposal (RFP) process for a sales operation. Sales professionals benefit from proposal software features like the ability to quickly generate documents in multiple file formats, share documents through multiple channels, and track the impact of RFP and proposal documents on the sales success.

PandaDoc is our choice because of their all-in-one document workflow automation platform that helps fast scaling sales teams accelerate the ability to create, manage, and sign digital documents including proposals, quotes, contracts, and more.

Sales Gamification


A sales gamification tool monitors sales progress to determine and recognize success, or proactively respond to processes and employees that need to improve. The tool offers data through scorecards for both individuals and teams, providing transparent information on progress and potential failures. Administrators can also set up sales contests to challenge friendly competition among team members.

Ambition is our choice because of the visibility into activity with rep-by-rep scorecards and gamification features for teams of all sizes.


Choosing a sales enablement stack is never going to fall upon one individual or team. Stakeholders in sales, marketing, operations, and any adjacent revenue team need to remain aware of what selections create the most value for a scaling company. If done correctly, you will be proactively in providing sales with all the products they need in the various stages of a buyer’s journey.

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