The Top Zoom Apps for Sales Teams

The Top Zoom Apps for Sales Teams
Larson Stair
Zoom recently had one of its biggest launches yet as a company with the unveiling of Zoom Apps. We here at Demoflow are in the business of building the next generation of sales work/enablement so we gathered the top Zoom Apps that can make your sales team that much better.

Last week Zoom had one of its biggest launches yet as a company with the unveiling of Zoom Apps.

In short, Zoom Apps are apps that you can use within the Zoom platform to help improve productivity and create more engaging experiences. No more switching between multiple applications on your desktop. Now you can quickly navigate to apps within the Zoom interface to streamline permissions, grant document accessibility, and collaborate on screen.

The first cohort of launch partners were 50 tools (shoutout to Demoflow for making the list!) that opened up a wide range of video improvements and collaboration for departments and industries far and wide. We here at Demoflow are in the business of building the next generation of sales enablement so we gathered the top Zoom Apps that can make your sales team that much better.


PandaDoc provides an all-in-one document workflow automation platform that helps fast scaling teams accelerate the ability to create, manage, and sign digital documents including proposals, quotes, contracts, and more.

Why it’s great for sales teams:

  • It’s a seamless integration that allows you to view and send PandaDoc documents within Zoom as well as get them signed while your clients can view them and sign immediately.
  • Present and sign documents in real-time using Zoom’s remote control feature.
  • Teams enjoy a smooth signing experience that feels natural for the prospectand helps you look professional.

Try the Pandadoc Zoom App here.


Gong can be used by sales teams to take notes on key conversations with potential buyers, identify risky or noncompliant topics of conversation, coach new sales representatives on best practices, and any other use case that can be used from the analysis and transcription of sales calls.

Why it’s great for sales teams:

  • The Gong app for Zoom enables you to write comments and collaborate in real-time with other Gong users from your company during meetings.
  • Comments made in the Gong App during meetings are later imported into Gong for the user to read later.
  • Gong allows sales teams to document important moments that occur during your call for reference and follow-up later. 

Try the Gong Zoom App here.


Demoflow is the only remote sales platform that combines the collaborative solutions teams need with the tech you already use, like Zoom, Salesforce, and more. And is the first tool to have built-in browsers integrated directly into your presentations to keep teams selling more efficiently.

Why it’s great for sales teams:

  • The Demoflow brings scattered sales processes into one streamlined tool for running a presentation.
  • During the presentation, sales reps can effectively drive the sales process using integrated notes and can even pivot the demo on-the-fly to cater to conversation tangents. 
  • After the demo, follow-up emails can be generated quickly with a customized demo summary while everything is synced back to the CRM.

Try the Demoflow Zoom App here.


Docket is a meeting-focused workspace for collaborative agenda creation, decision documentation, and action item tracking

Why it’s great for sales teams:

  • Teams come to Zoom meetings prepared with a shared agenda template for you and your team to add discussion topics, attachments, and other resources
  • There is the ability to document decisions and assign next steps directly from Zoom.
  • Save and organize meeting notes, takeaways, and more where sales operations can easily find it again. 

Try the Docket Zoom App here.

Dropbox Spaces

Dropbox Spaces is a virtual workspace that brings projects and teams together. With Spaces, teams can access everything they need for a project—like key files, tasks, meetings, and updates—all in one place.

Why it’s great for sales teams:

  • The Dropbox Spaces App allows sales to stay on top of their schedule for the day with a list of upcoming meetings and one-click access to individual meeting notes.
  • The ability to bring the team together and capture real-time meeting notes, right inside the Zoom Meeting. 
  • Move work forward by assigning tasks and sharing notes with a project management tool experience for sales teams.

Try the Dropbox Spaces Zoom App here.


Warmly gives you instant insights on people in Zoom. Create genuine connections while reducing pre-meeting prep time by up to 90%.

Why it’s great for sales teams:

  • Warmly helps sales teams gain instant insight on anyone they’re meeting with. 
  • The Warmly App creates auto-generated virtual background signatures to help reduce small talk and get to the real points of connection. 
  • Teams can share who they really are by creating custom “nametags” for every meeting. Add name pronunciations, pronouns and a fun bio to show true colors.

Try the Warmly Zoom App here.

It's just the beginning for selling on Zoom

In. summary Zoom Apps help surface all the applications you need to be productive and enable the free flow of information between teams before, during, and after the meeting.

Top sales team are going to use Zoom Apps where they need it most — in a Zoom meeting, room, chat, webinar, or phone call with prospective customers. Bringing your critical applications directly into the Zoom experience means you can make that selling experience that much better.

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