Gondola vs Dooly

Ditch the complexity, give your sales team the lift they need, with Gondola! Gondola is the premiere solution for scaling best practices in real time.

What’s the difference between Gondola & Dooly?

Gondola is focused on making the most out of every customer call. We help your reps focus on gaps in their deals so they can ask the right questions to push the deal forward.

Why choose Gondola over Dooly?

We believe that the key to changing behavior boils down to simplicity and accessibility. That's what we’re focused on here at Gondola. Creating workflows that are intuitive, easy to access, and adopted with ease. That's why Gondola is the premier solution for real time sales enablement.

Reporting that drives action

Gondola gives you clear indication of where your process is breaking down, with actionable insights on how to improve your "middle 50%" of reps. That's where the real progress can be made.

My manager noticed almost immediately!

Gondola has been incredibly helpful for keeping CRM notes updated and doing so has kept my manager off of my back. It saves me 15-30 minutes after each call to update all the fields, sync my notes, and document the activity.

Elliot Beckstrom, Enterprise AE at Fivetran.

Transform your process and enable your team's growth

Learn how Gondola can help take your sales team to the next level.

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