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Google Calendar

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Easily build meetings from your calendar and automatically sync contacts to your CRM. Connect customer calls to your CRM using your Google calendar. Send calendar invites and push back information to your CRM.

Calendar Integration

In a few short minutes, Gondola enables you to get prepared for your sales calls that day. With a few clicks, you can easily create meetings notes right from your Google calendar. We'll automatically link that meeting to the CRM record of the deal you're working and pull in relevant participant information from that invite, cross referenced with the CRM. As the meeting is wrapping up, identify openings on your calendar and select a date and time of follow-up with your prospect. Send out the calendar invite immediately and move onto your next sales call.

Key benefits of this integration

  • Pull participant information on the invite and view historical email history and LinkedIn connection
  • Identify new contacts on the call and create them in your CRM.
  • Select an opening for a follow-up call and send the invite before leaving the discussion.

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