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If it's not in Salesforce, then it doesn't exist. Well... now it does! Our deep Salesforce integration takes all of the pain out of recording meeting notes, updating fields, and saving activity.

Save yourself hours every week!

After any given sales conversation, you might be responsible for updating a few key things in the Salesforce Record: 

  • Creating a note on the Opportunity with details of what happened.
  • Updating custom fields specific to your sales methodology
  • Creating new contacts of the buyers you just met at the org.
  • Recording relevant details of the buyers you're meeting with.
  • Logging your activity and documenting the relevant Next Steps for the deal.

Gondola's robust Salesforce integration makes it easy to accomplish all of these tasks in just one button click. We take those time consuming activities in Salesforce and allow you to make those key updates immediately on or after the call.

Team templates with embedded Salesforce fields

If you're looking for a way to enable your sales team to properly follow your sales methodology then look no further. Gondola allows your to create customized note templates, catered to your sales methodology, and embedded with the SFDC fields that are important to your organization. These templates can guide your sellers through the call and prompt them to ask the appropriate questions while also gathering the right information populated back to SFDC.

Shared Buyer Context/Rapport shared with your colleagues

Transferring context on your buyers to your colleagues can be a challenge. Particularly when you're worked with a number of different decision makers and influencers throughout the sales cycle. As you add new internal colleagues to the deal, they need to understand the context of who each buyer is and how to best sell to them. That's where we come in.

Detailed path to Closed Won

Gondola provides reps with an easy way to document Next Steps that get discussed with buyers making it much easier to forecast an Opportunity. All of these next steps can be sent to your buyers post-call, but also get synced back to the record as Tasks in Salesforce.

Always maintain the deal momentum that you've created. Review and confirm the Next Steps with your buyers and schedule the next meeting by searching through availabilities on your calendar and sending the invite immediately. And yes, this next meeting pushes back to SFDC as an Event to give leaders accurate reports.

One click update

Immediately after your conversation, Gondola prompts you to sync all of the updates you made to the Salesforce record. Update fields, create a note, and log activity all with one click.

Pipeline Management

Not all updates to the CRM happen on live customer calls. Whether you're making a few quick changes after receiving updates via email or in the middle of your 1on1 with your manager, strategizing on how to best run the next call - we have you covered.

Gondola makes managing and updating your pipeline simple. Create pipeline views of Opportunities, Leads, Accounts, Contacts and even Custom Objects. Pull in the relevant fields you'd like to reference and easily make changes in a few clicks.

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