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Always where you need it when you need it. Embedded directly into Zoom.

Gondola's Zoom App

All of the power of Gondola, embedded directly into your Zoom call. It's easier than every to run a sales conversation when you're using Gondola and Zoom. We will present all of your meetings for the day and automatically link that meeting to the appropriate CRM record. Teams can access a library of pre-approved, on-brand note templates to help guide them through the conversation and gather the appropriate details.

As you move throughout your call, you can document important details directly into the CRM fields that matter, create and send new Contacts, and even document questions and next steps that get discussed. And yes, all of this information gets pushed back to the CRM to maintain clean records and reports for leadership.

Selling as a team?

Gondola makes selling with your colleagues a breeze. Add in your colleagues to make collaborative selling easier than ever. View notes taken by colleagues, collaborate privately via Gondola's chat, and even send out calendar invites for the next meeting right there on the call.

Key benefits of this integration

  • Accessibility: product adoption and usage is our #1 focus. Gondola can be present at a moments notice and ensures that your reps are always prepared for any type of customer call.
  • Collaboration: Sales teams rarely sell in a silo. In fact, selling collaboratively has a number of benefits that can lead to faster deal velocity. Gondola ensures that any internal colleagues have all of the context for the call and can stay in perfect harmony as the call evolves. All in an effort to create alignment between buyers and sellers.

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