There's a better way to sell.

Gondola boosts deal momentum by enabling productive, on-brand sales conversations.

Simplified Process
Better Data
Happier Customers

Take Advantage of Moments that Matter Most - Live Customer Calls

Gondola gives your sales team the instincts to ask the right questions and drive the conversation forward. Tell a frictionless story, capture-and-sync notes and move from one conversation to the next without losing momentum!

Great deals start  with deep discovery

Gondola helps your reps recreate their best discovery calls, time after time

Replicate your team's best discovery calls without  binding everyone to a static script

Review and record free text and CRM notes during conversations while staying in workflow

Easier than ever to capture the details that matter!

The CRM data you want, where you need it

Templates catered to your process
Create templates specially catered to your sales process embedded with the CRM fields needed to push the deal forward.
Build rapport & share buyer context
See who is joining which call, reference previous correspondence and share important details with your colleagues!
Mutual Action Plans
Never walk away from a call without outlining your next steps! Create tasks, document outstanding questions and schedule your next call all through your Gondola Browser Extension!

Better understand customer pain

Scale your discovery and demo processes to ensure that each conversation is productive and insightful. Measure what your best reps are doing and scale what works.

Maintain deal momentum after the call

Build Mutual Action Plans with tasks that push back to your CRM automatically. Book your next call before your prospects leave to ensure you keep the deal moving.

Reinforce sales trainings & decrease ramp time with our verified templates

Leave your leave-behinds, scripts and methodology outlines in the cabinet, Gondola is here to help!

"Gondola helps us achieve our revenue goals and scale the company."

"Gondola provides me with the visibility into how reps are running their calls and what's working, so that best practices can be spread quickly across the team. I see Gondola as an integral part of our tech stack.”

Frank Nardi, VP of Sales at Cin7

Transform your process and enable your team's growth

Learn how Gondola can help take your sales team to the next level.