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Experience a brand new way to sell with Gondola's Sales and Service Playbooks built into Zoom.

Playbooks by Gondola

Sales and Service reps use Playbooks by Gondola to turn every customer meeting into a repeatable win. Gondola automatically detects the best playbook for the call, pulls in historical information and CRM information to your meeting notes, and syncs instantly with Salesforce, Sugar, and Hubspot (coming soon) after a call.

One-Click Playbooks

With just one click, Gondola will link to your upcoming meeting, attach the right CRM record, and auto-apply the correct playbook for that call. 

Playbooks are built to promote focus in calls. Each playbook can have unique sections that include free text (questions, customer stats, etc) and CRM fields to help with process accountability.

3-in-1 Sync to CRM

After your call, you can update fields, create notes, and log activity with one click.

Update Fields: Review current field values and push updates to the CRM
Create a Note: Save your meeting notes on the linked CRM record
Log Activity: Record that your meeting took place with a detailed recap

Manage your pipeline

Gondola lets you create Pipelines for Opps, Leads, Accounts, or Custom Objects. You can pull in any Salesforce field, view the current information, and push out any changes needed right from Zoom.

Deal History
View all notes from previous meetings, identify gaps and prep for your next call. It has never been easier to stay on top of the full scope of the customer relationship.
Deal Health
How complete is your CRM record? Easily identify deals that need work and create objects for the next call.

Process Intelligence

Gondola provides a process score for every opportunity in your pipeline. Identify what your best reps are doing well, and use those insights to create new playbooks for your struggling reps to follow.
Deal Health on Dashboard
Team Reporting with deep insights

"Saves me 15-30 minutes per call"

"Gondola has been incredibly helpful for keeping CRM notes updated and doing so has kept my manager off of my back. It saves me 15-30 minutes after each call to update all the fields and all that."

Elliot Beckstrom, Enterprise AE at Fivetran.

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