PreSales Buying Guide

Simplify technical demos, quickly pivot on the fly, and tell a consistent story about your product across your presales team.

Meet Gondola

A presales solutions that boosts deal momentum by facilitating productive, on-brand sales conversations.

Tell a Frictionless Story

Gondola reduces deal prep time and enables reps to articulate a storyline about their product that resonates with their buyer and drives to a close.

The perfect story crafted for your buyer

Whether you're prepping before a call or need to pivot mid call, Gondola provides you with a library of assets that will help you craft a story that resonates with your buyer.

Team selling made easy

Better collaboration with sales to ensure a smooth and professional team-selling presentation.

Know exactly what's working

Easily identify the narratives that resonate with buyers and scale it to the rest of your team.

"No more harbor tours"

"At ABBYY we go the extra mile for our customers, and that starts from the very first demo. Now with the help of Gondola we’re not only able to disrupt and innovate through our products, but also through the next level of customer experience we can offer by using Gondola."

Maxime Vermeir, Senior Director at ABBYY.

Great demos start with great discovery.

The best presales & sales teams have a repeatable methodology to win new customers. Gondola helps systematize that methodology and provide guidance to your sellers in real-time so they can better understand their customer's pain, prepare presales to run a great demo and drive the deal forward.

Reference CRM notes & send updates right from your call

Capture and update important CRM fields, log activity, create new contacts and push open tasks from your live customer call.

Integrated with the solutions you're using today

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