Gondola vs Scratchpad

Do more than just change how reps get notes back into SFDC, take control of your sales process!

What’s the difference between Gondola & Scratchpad?

We believe that Salesforce is an incredible tool that has a lot of value across an organization - it’s just not the best for data entry. We’re focused on removing the time consuming parts of Salesforce, data entry, to allow your reps to progress a deal forward.

Why choose Gondola over Scratchpad?

Gondola provides structure to your customer calls, creating better alignment on sales process while also achieving better data back into your CRM.

Reporting that drives action

Gondola gives you clear indication of where your process is breaking down, with actionable insights on how to improve your "middle 50%" of reps. That's where the real progress can be made.

My manager noticed almost immediately!

Gondola has been incredibly helpful for keeping CRM notes updated and doing so has kept my manager off of my back. It saves me 15-30 minutes after each call to update all the fields, sync my notes, and document the activity.

Elliot Beckstrom, Enterprise AE at Fivetran.

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