Ironclad Security

We know you take your security seriously, and we take every effort possible to make sure you data is safe in Gondola.

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Your CRM data is safe

Gondola uses a simple and secure user-based OAuth integration to ensure you don't need to manage any packages or extra permissions. We only request the minimal amount of data we need at the moment we need it. We never bulk download or sync your data.

Third-party Penetration Testing

Third-party Audits

Security Awareness Training

Cloud Security

Our application is hosted with Amazon Web Services. AWS is the leader in cloud-based security and employs a robust security program.

Encryption in transit and at rest

Real-time vulnerability scanning

Incident response plans

Trusted by Enterprise

Global sales and service teams utilize and trust Gondola to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their teams.

Annual risk assessments

Least privilege access control

Password managers

Cusomizable AI

Bring your team to the next level with a custom AI platform that keeps you focused on selling.