Zoom Essential Apps
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Zoom curated Essential Apps help grow and manage your business with apps that take meeting notes, engage teams with interactive activities, and deliver insights to improve customer conversations.

Bundled with Zoom curated Essential Apps, Gondola helps improve your customer relationships and turns every meeting into a win with relevant insights in Zoom Meetings.

Which app should I install?


Improve your customer relationships and turn every meeting into a repeatable win with Playbooks by Gondola.


Drive sales meetings in Zoom with confidence using a customizable virtual business card that instantly builds trust with prospects & clients


Brings all your meeting notes, project specs, action itemsーand teammatesーin one organized doc.

Prezi Video for Zoom

Bring visuals on screen with you in real time to keep virtual meetings and presentations interactive, productive, and inclusive

AI Notetaker by Fathom

Never take meeting notes on a Zoom call again

Meeting Tools & Metrics by Read

Read the room with automated tools to help you steer your Zoom meeting in a clearer direction


Keep your meetings on track with a visual agenda


Energize meetings, training, and presentations through interactive and game-based elements


Increase happiness by hosting fun activities on Zoom for remote and hybrid teamsMeeting


Make it easy for hosts to create connections by enabling advanced breakout rooms and speed networking


Improve the new hire onboarding experience by making it fun and engaging on Zoom

Do I qualify for Essential Apps?

New or existing customers that purchase or upgrade to Zoom One Pro, Business, and Business Plus through the Zoom website (zoom.us/buy) are eligible for Essential Apps. In addition, all Licensed users on those accounts can access Essential Apps in the Zoom App Marketplace.

Meet Gondola

A sales enablement tool that boosts deal momentum by facilitating productive, on-brand sales conversations

3-in-1 Sync to CRM

After your call, you can update fields, create notes, and log activity with one click.

Update Fields: Review current field values and push updates to the CRM
Create a Note: Save your meeting notes on the linked CRM record
Log Activity: Record that your meeting took place with a detailed recap

Manage your pipeline

Gondola lets you create Pipelines for Opps, Leads, Accounts or Custom Objects. You can pull in any CRM field, view the current information, and push out any changes needed right from Zoom.

Process Intelligence

Gondola provides insight into how your team is following your process. We provide a Deal health score to give you the status of any given Opportunity. Leadership can dig deeper into how each person trends with time.

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